Advisory & Consulting

A host of services that help maximize the value of your company by exploiting all available opportunities in the market.

Buy Side Advisory

For a client looking to buy either a minority stake or a majority stake in another business, our buy side advisory team can assist you at every step of the process. These include:

  • Identifying potential acquisition/investment candidates – most business collaboration deals tend to fail due to incorrect mapping of investment candidates with the overall objective of the buyers.
  • Due diligence – having identified the right candidate, it is imperative that all the reported numbers of the target company are tested for authenticity and completeness.
  • Creating scenario-based valuation models – Our in-house expertise in financial modeling allows us to implement any kind of complex and multiple investment scenarios for your client.
  • Other tasks comprise support in legal documentation, and finally preparing the deal proposals.

Fairness Opinions

At every key stage in a company’s life cycle, management is required to make critical business decisions, which are often based on the value of the business at that stage. To ensure effectiveness and fairness of their decisions, management needs to rely on independent, third party fairness opinions.

Fairness opinions provided by Knowcraft can help your clients make key business decisions, such as fund raising, M&A, financial reporting, tax compliance or any other related operational milestones, more effectively.

Our highly experienced team follows a well-documented, multi-dimensional approach covering all industry best practices to arrive at the best possible and the most defensible valuation opinion for your business or any transaction.

Financial Modeling

The crux of any important business decision is the information on which it is based, and such information is the result of deep-dived analyses of a plethora of data points and variables pulled together to build an accurate, robust and detailed financial model. Detailed forecasts modeled in a spreadsheet are the key tools available to the leadership team to analyze the projected numbers from several perspectives and formulate informed strategies. Our team of analysts carries several years of financial modeling experience and has completed many complex business modeling assignments demonstrating their expertise.

We invite you to leverage our expertise and experience in building financial models while you focus on delivering high impact presentation to clients. Partnering with us will allow you to not only scale up operations in a cost-effective manner but also receive additional independent, expert opinion on every assignment that we execute for you.

Litigation Support Services

During the course of a business, a company is exposed to myriad of legal suits from competitors, creditors, customers, employees, or even the regulatory authorities. This is especially true for companies holding a large portfolio of intellectual property. Defending these lawsuits requires a high degree of commitment from the company in terms of time and money, which impacts their day-to-day running of the business.

Legal advice to such businesses often remains concentrated at the hands of a few reputed law firms. If you are one of these reputed law firms, we understand what a mountain of workload your staff faces in preparing for your client litigations. Preparing the documentation for an impending or ongoing legal battle is extremely cumbersome requiring a high level of accuracy and attention to the minutest details. Our team is equipped to assist you in collating case law references, drafting responses, pleadings, correspondences and accurately organizing your documents to enable your clients to achieve the desired outcome.

Sell Side Advisory

If you have clients who are looking to find the right kind of a buyer for their business at the right price, whether by divesting a minority stake or a strategic stake or even an outright sale, without compromising on their business vision, it would require a trusted and an experienced investment banking team to help them through the process.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced sell side analysts, in collaboration with you, can provide with comprehensive, scenario-based financial valuation analyses to help you and your clients achieve the best possible sale price for their business. In addition to the actual valuation process, you can expect our team to help at every other step in the process, such as:

  • Scouting for multiple potential buyers.
  • Assisting with designing and structuring of the deal.
  • Identifying potential hurdles in the process and their possible solutions.
  • If required, assist in the negotiation process.

Strategic Advisory

In addition to providing a wide range of business valuation services, Knowcraft can help you offer strategic advisory services to a select set of clients. We would work closely with you as a partner to offer strategic advice on specific requirements of your clients with a view to improve their focus on key business objectives, driving continuous process improvements and finding out innovative business development solutions. Our strategic advice and customized offerings for your clients can also help them better understand the regulatory environment, competition, macro-economic changes, and the resultant alteration in business strategies to overcome the imponderables. Specific areas our team can assist your clients in strategic advisory requirements are:

  • Corporate growth strategy i.e. fine tuning and re-focusing the company’s vision.
  • Advisory for specific business deals and collaborations.
  • Detailed competition mapping and an in-depth S.W.O.T. analysis.
  • Branding strategy for products.
  • Building efficiencies through improvement in internal processes, such as human resource management, financial management, procurement and distribution channel consulting.